Great question! Autumn is in the air and with it come falling leaves. Lots of people wonder whether they should rake the leaves off their lawn or not. The answer is often yes, but leave a little mulch over the lawn surface. Here’s why:

Leave the Leaves for Healthy Soil – Earthworms

Leaves are a valuable resource for the soil. When leaves sit on top of the soil, earthworms will come up to eat them and pull them down into the ground. This not only provides the worms with a meal, but creates nitrogen-rich earthworm castings that contain valuable microbes to improve the health of your garden soil. Run your lawnmower or over the leaves a couple of times to break them down then rake them onto your garden for quick absorption.

Leave the Leaves for Bumblebees and Other Pollinators

Fall leaves may seem like an annoyance, but leaving them in your yard can actually have big benefits for pollinators. More than 70 percent of wild bees build their shallow nests in the ground, and leaves provide essential protection during the long cold winters. Along with bees, many butterflies and moths also overwinter in fallen leaves. So next time you go to grab that rake, consider creating a soft leafy blanket for these important pollinators instead.

Remove Leaves for Safety – When to Rake

As the leaves begin to fall, it’s important to keep an eye on sidewalks and pathways. The leaves may look pretty when they’re freshly fallen, but as they start to freeze over, they can become a slipping hazard. Raking leaves off paths and walkways before they have a chance to freeze helps prevent falls and injuries.

What about raking the leaves off commercial property?

Fall leaves bring a beautiful burst of color to our landscapes, but they can also pose a potential risk for those visiting or working on commercial properties. For the safety of the public and the upkeep of your property, it’s important to regularly rake leaves off walkways, parking lots, and other areas where they may accumulate. Not only do leaves create slipping hazards, but they can also block drainage systems and cause water buildup. Keeping leaves cleared also helps maintain a professional appearance for your business. It’s also important to consider any city bylaws or regulations regarding leaf disposal on commercial property.

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