Irrigation Design and Installation

Emerald Irrigation and Landscape Construction in Penticton BC has a trained team ready to install quality irrigation systems that conserve water, whether for crop irrigation, or residential or commercial landscaping. As a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of BC, we follow high standards for installation and design. Our technicians are available for new irrigation system installs and maintenance.

Winterizing your irrigation system requires low pressure and high volume. We use large tow behind compressors set at 50 psi to effectively clear the water out of your system without causing damage. We guarantee our blowouts.

We offer consulting services to new homeowners who just bought a house and don’t know how to use their existing system. We can help you figure out your new irrigation system control panel for scheduling and assess repairs if needed.

The climate in BC is changing, becoming wetter in the spring with drier summers and warmer winters. Agriculture demands water during the growing season, but as our climate gradually shifts into drier summers, pressure is put on our water supply. Add the increase in population growth and accompanying expansion of industry to an already stressed water supply and we can begin to see the importance of water conservation. Our team is knowledgeable on the latest technology, and we have the experience, skills, and certifications to prove it. We care about the planet. Put us to work for you.

Emerald Irrigation and Landscape Construction

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