Drip irrigation systems save water by controlling a slow drip to the roots of crop plants. Pipes can be either above surface or buried below the soil to target the root zone and minimize evaporation. These systems are networked through valves and flexible tubing from your water source. Why use drip irrigation? Direct hose watering can wash away soil and nutrients and expose roots to pests, sun damage and disease.

Water Conservation

As a result of water metering and conservation concerns, drip irrigation installations are trending with local gardeners and urban developers. In combination with water-smart bathrooms and community awareness, drip irrigation is part of the solution to water conservation. Watering without waste also means ensuring your plants get the correct amount. Use a rain gauge for measuring rainfall and the volume of water used during irrigation cycles. Different soils absorb water at different rates, so knowing your soil type is essential to keeping your plants healthy – not overwatering or underwatering. The sandy soil of the South Okanagan absorbs water much faster than clay and dries out faster. Planting local flowers, shrubs and trees is beneficial, as these species have adapted to natural rain patterns and are drought hardy in our semi-arid desert region. Mulching the garden with bark, leaf mulch or hay helps absorb and retain moisture. Along with practical water conservation methods and community watering schedules, drip irrigation reduces water-metered consumption.
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