Having a stunning natural area on your property is great for so many reasons. Thinking of selling in this hot real estate market? You may be looking to accentuate your “curb” appeal. A stone gurgler installation in the garden is one thing to consider.
A stone gurgler is a hand-built rock sculpture with water tumbling down over the rocks. Gurglers are built using stunning rocks or boulders made out of a wide choice of materials, including granite, limestone or quartz. You can also get creative by incorporating animal-shaped sculptures.

What size should I go for?

Generally a gurgler water feature is much smaller than a pond in your garden. Some are so small that they can be seated on tabletops. Others can be built within flower beds or as part of a rock wall.

Soothing and economical

The important thing about stone gurglers is they do not consume large amounts of water. Water is recirculating; gurglers operate via a pump that moves the water upward to the highest point, for that trickling effect. The water drips into a lower basin or reservoir, where it gathers. The same water is then pushed up through the pump again. The pumps are generally very small and run quietly on electric current.

What about maintenance?

There is minimal maintenance involved. Just keep a tab on the water level and ensure that the tubes running to and from the pump are free from any mineral buildup. Because the water is moving, it does not need to be chlorinated.

Ask your professional landscaper about installation

Chat with the pros at Emerald Landscaping about the right size reservoir and pump for this project. Lighting can also be considered required, as they do accentuate the appeal. Finally, you will need an electrical outlet for plugging in the pump and LED lights.
There are two design styles for stone gurglers – natural and architectural. You might plan a naturalistic landscape by using irregular-shaped rocks and pebbles to simulate a natural waterfall in your backyard.
An architectural stone gurgler also uses natural-looking materials. But the structure does not look like something that commonly inhabits the natural habitat. A single and tall quartzite rock, for example, can have even-sized pebbles around it. Another option is pairing up a tall, irregular or square-shaped slab with a large piece of amethyst or wood.

Let’s walk the talk

Emerald Irrigation & Landscape Construction can design and build a beautiful water feature in your backyard, courtyard, or patio. Please give us a call or email us for a free consultation. Our certified technicians will ensure that your stone gurgler is nothing short of spectacular.