The winter is here, and as one prepares themselves to battle with the cold, why leave your lawn and garden to chance in 2022? It’s time to plan installing a smart irrigation system. You’ll have an excellent view to wake up to while enjoying your morning caffeine fix next summer.

What is smart irrigation?

Smart irrigation combines the latest advanced technology in a network of pipes, sprinklers, and a timing system. Irrigation controllers are ideal to help with water conservation. Some now also monitor the moisture-related conditions on your property.

Sprinkler controllers

A controller manages the water flow, from those months where your plants will require little or next-to-no irrigation (spring) to the very hot days of August. This is a timer that automates the system. Most allow you to set the irrigation level by a per cent increase or decrease feature. Newer models can adjust watering schedules according to the weather conditions. Many can be maintained by an app on your cell phone.

Drip Irrigation

A smart irrigation system controls water that flows where it is most needed – the plant and tree roots! When installed properly, your drip irrigation system will be low-maintenance and water-saving. The team at Emerald will come out each year and inspect the pipes and sprinkler heads. For businesses and homeowners, having a smart system can save you money in your water bills.
Take Control

Plan for a Smart irrigation systems with Us!

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