Nothing beats a serene backyard landscape. But much depends on your budget and space. If you are short on both, installing a pondless water feature is an ideal option for you. You will get the soothing sound (maybe at a lower decibel) of running water.. Please read on!

What is a pondless water feature?

A pondless or disappearing water feature has a reservoir hidden underground. It can look like a small mountain. Apart from the reservoir, it needs a recirculating pump and typically a large rock. The water then bubbles down across the rock face and disappears. The water gets recycled, and the process starts again.

Make Your Garden a tranquil space

Building serenity into your backyard, or featuring a captivating backdrop are two of the primary reasons to install this feature. It also makes for an excellent way to increase the curb appeal of your property. Pondless water features can also attract and nourish birds. They are economical and easy to install. They use far less water than traditional fountains.
Pondless water features eliminate the worries of open water gardens. You might not have the time and effort for maintenance due to the prevalence of algae. If you have toddlers or children running around the yard, then a pondless water fountain is an ideal solution, as it is child-safe.

Where should you place a pondless water feature?

Areas that get lots of sunlight

Sunlight helps water features shine! Aim for a spot with at least six hours of sunlight a day. The golden light creates an amazing visual.

Choose a Level Location

Water responds to gravity, and so if you are looking for the water to run smoothly, the land or ground should be slightly slanted. The good news is you can make minor adjustments during installation to ensure proper flow. You can place a level wooden frame on uneven ground to keep the rock stable and well-positioned.
Decorations in the garden.

What should you avoid?

Before getting on with the digging, checking for your landscape lighting low-voltage wires, irrigation pipes, and available power outlets (for the pump). Checking helps save any headaches and repair costs. For the most dramatic effect, avoid positioning the pondless water feature away from hedges and shrubs.

We’d Love to Work With You

At Emerald Irrigation & Landscape we can advise you on the many types of pondless features, and help you with installations. We also can install irrigation systems and lightings to complement your project. Please give us a call to discuss your options!